About CHRC

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The Centre on Human Rights in Conflict (CHRC) is an interdisciplinary center that caries out academic and policy-orientated research in situations of military, political, cultural, social, economic conflict and in the transition from authoritarian regimes. Our work addresses the complex and dynamic relationships between human rights and conflict, including:

  • Human rights violations as causes and consequences of conflict
  • Tensions between rights and conflict
  • Human rights claims as sources of conflict
  • Dilemmas of accountability in post-conflict situations
  • Human rights as a framework for resolving conflicts and building post-authoritarian societies.

The CHRC focuses on the interplay between international law and international politics and the legal, political and cultural contests about human rights.

The CHRC has regional expertise in Western and Eastern Europe, Turkey, the Middle East, Africa, South and South East Asia and Australia.

The CHRC is situated within the School of Law and Social Sciences and its members are specialists from the fields of law, politics and sociology. They combine academic contribution to the field of human rights with experience of working in and with NGO’s and governments and as human rights advocates. Members have extensive experience of working in conflict zones and societies in transition from violent conflicts, colonialism and authoritarian regimes. They combine specialisms in transitional justice and reconciliation, the rule of law in peacebuilding, Islamic law and human rights, socio-economic rights, minority rights and diversity management.

The CHRC brings together academics, policy-makers, human rights experts and advocates, and civil society actors to engage in constructive dialogue and to forge new partnerships.

The CHRC is known nationally and internationally for its original, collaborative and cross-cutting research projects and publications. Recently completed projects include work on the human rights and the rule of law in West Africa, participation in a EU framework VII funded comparative project in the search for a durable peace in a variety of conflicts, the examination of the role of civil parties in the Extraordinary Chamber of the Courts of Cambodia, an investigation of the role of international criminal law in the courts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and a project assessing state-building in Palestine.

Funding has been granted by the British Academy, the Nuffield Foundation,and EU FP7.

Current projects include work on transitional justice in Spain, Australia and Cambodia, conflict resolution in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, human rights in the Arab world political transformation, the implementation of Security Council Resolutions 1325 and 1820 on gender, peace and security, and land and conflict.

The CHRC is home to a number of postgraduate programmes developed within the School of Law and Social Sciences, such as the:

For further information please visit http://www.uel.ac.uk/chrc


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